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Terms Rates

5 Year Closed Variable 6.30%*.

1 Year closed 6.89%

2 Year closed 6.39%

3 Year closed 6.14%

4 Year closed 5.79%

5 Year closed 5.69%

Posted Variable Rate 7.20%

Rates may vary provincially and are subject to change without notice OAC. *High Ratio only.

Conditions may apply. May be subject to additional qualifying criteria and rate premiums.

Stress Test - Qualifying Benchmark Rate is contract rate plus 2.00%







Reverse Mortgage

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a simple way to turn a portion of your hard-earned home equity into tax-free cash—with no ongoing payments required.

  • Borrow up to 59% of your home’s value
  • No monthly mortgage payments required
  • Receive your tax-free funds as a lump sum or over time
  • Retain ownership of the home you love

Get Great Mortgage Advice

With over 22 years of mortgage advice, able to obtain better rates than the banks.

I have access to a vast array of options for Residential and Commercial mortgages.

Free yourself from high mortgage interest rates when applying for a home purchase, early renewal, and refinance.